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Theology Statement of Purpose 2019: 5 Mistakes to Identify & Avoid

It’s easy to get frightened by the fact that your entrance theology essay for the college or university admission is a rare document, you can barely find the guidance for writing it on the Internet. Don’t feel frightened or overwhelmed! Even though it is fairly difficult to come up with something that you can show off in such delicate subject as theology statement of purpose you still have the hidden tools of navigating the attention of the entrance committee that experienced theology experts advice to cling to in the PhD application statement of purpose. Rather than bragging about personal achievements (like in other kinds of personal statements) you will win from focusing on slightly different things and approach, you need to express your point of view and get the reader to understand what you believe in and what leads you to the path of learning theology.

Theology statement writers can help you carefully craft the paper and wrap it up into the piece of a compelling yet brief story about yourself that focuses on your best features, just like in every sample SoP for PhD that we have.

sample statement of purpose theology online

Statement of Purpose for Masters in Theology: Where to Study?

There are 7 reasons to study theology that can be not so obvious at the first sight. Greatest educational resources belong to the theology sphere of studying, till that day the theological streams and confessions have their own communities where they share their knowledge so the demand for the theology studying will never evaporate. Theology is a very versatile sphere of studying that comprises the history, philosophy and human relations studying in order to understand the God’s nature of things and the student who decided to get the education in theology will undoubtedly have the great ground for investigations in terms of choice what college to pick. Is a graduate degree in theology worth it? Why? Just look at the career options that are opening for you in case you pick the path.

theology statement of purpose schools 2019

The career options with the theology degree are following:

  • careers in religious service (clergy men and women)
  • careers in social or youth work
  • careers in charities and NGO
  • careers with a civil service

What are the best theology masters degrees? There’s even a larger set of options for you if you picked the online theology studying as there are top 30 online courses for masters that offer a degree without having to leave your hometown as many students don’t have the opportunity to travel. If you think the programs are pretty much the same you’re certainly wrong – these ones feature the widest options – from masters of arts to masters of religious education. Students often ask – what are the best resources when applying for a theology graduate degree? What are the best resources when applying for a theology graduate degree? 

Throughout the education process, you will be supplied with the essential helping materials that will support you throughout the studying, like online databases and libraries, some of them you can find on the Internet yourself, including the books, audio-materials and podcasts.

Statement of Purpose Theology Questions to Consider

Here are the questions for consideration for writing the statement of purpose for getting the degree in theology 2017:

  • How studying theology will help you to achieve your life goals.
  • Why do you think the chosen program fully corresponds to your educational needs.
  • What is the purpose of theology studying? What is religion’s role in a spiritual evolution of the society?
  • What is the purpose of religion in the modern world of science domination?
  • What’s your position in life: Do you believe in divine, inspiration, or random processes in the universe.
  • How can you contribute to the future studying and where are you intended to start.
  • How do you plan to work afterward: professor, author or congregational practitioner

Remember that these questions do not apply universally to each and every statement, if the university or college you’re intended to apply for supplies the applicant with particular directions about the statement content, formatting or rules there’s a great bonus for you because there’s no way that you make something wrong, usually such materials are placed by the educational institutions on the official sites, but if you searched through well and found out nothing then there are particular tips for formatting:

  • Like every statement of purpose 2019, the length is 1-2 pages tops
  • The formatting is unspecified, most write it with Times New Roman, 12pt
  • Margins (left and right) are kept at 1,5 cm
theology phd statement of purpose writing help

Statement of Purpose Theology: Abstain from Cliché

When students ask about writing my theology papers requests our specialists and experts strongly recommend getting rid of refined phrases and clichés. Some of them you can figure out yourself already, they are confessional and resume-like styled, lots of them start with typical 5 horrible entrance sentences:

Most overused opening sentences in admission documents:

  • I am currently studying a BTEC National Diploma in … (used 464 times)
  • From a young age I have always been interested in … (309 times)
  • It is a very challenging and demanding career … (275 times)
  • For as long as I can remember I have been fascinated with … (196 times)

In a nutshell, if you don’t want your statement to look like a parody learn how to write a theology paper without following elements:

  • Quotations that you think are deeply wise and cute.
  • Expression of your great respect for the university and faculty with all the wonderful adjectives like “prestigious” and “superb” etc.
  • Mention of your childhood years and focusing on your very early inspirations that are supposed to soften the reader.
  • Referring to the name of the famous scientist/person that shares with you the belief.
  • Using your personal religious beliefs as an argument why you should be enrolled in the course.

writing my theology papers advice

Forums are often the ultimate places where you can find the truth, that’s why our specialists decided to dig deeper and find out about the real deal. Here’s what experts all agree about when it comes to disturbing trend in writing statements of purpose in theology:

how to write a theology paper for college“In the admission process I notice lots of common misconceptions, I belong to the admission committee who checks statements of purpose for those students who strive to become a theologist. Probably the most severe problem with their admission writing is the wrong understanding of the purpose of admission writing. It’s great when students have their strong stances and religious beliefs but the theology studying is not about religion, not about writing about how you believe in God or how you were influenced by something of a divine nature, it is about giving the insight about your academic strengths in theology as a researcher, learner and investigator and what it is you can enrich the discipline in the future.”

The important thing that you need to know is to keep balanced in demonstrating your interest and delivering the average sign of knowledge and excellence in the topic. It often comes out as confusing and ambiguous for students, but keep in mind that committee realizes that your interests and achievements can’t be absolutely expressed in such small piece of paper and so you don’t have to appear perfect or absolutely know-it-all.

Theology PhD Statement of Purpose and Admission Process

Let’s face the truth – you don’t have to have the faith in God to study theology in the college or university, the admission process flow will be exactly the same as for other specialties – the committees will assess your grades, then they will evaluate your statement of purpose and other documents including the references. If you manage to through these successfully – get ready for the possible interview (in case it’s not an online education). Colleges like Pembroke College Cambridge, for instance, will require the candidates to go through 3 interviews, one in college, the other with the Director of Studies, and the last one with the Admissions Tutor. In some cases, when the course can’t accommodate all the applicants it helps the best ones to find the equivalent place at another college.

statement of purpose theology mistakes

Sample Statement of Purpose Theology

Sample statement of purpose theology that our writers make is absolutely unique and original, cliché-free and mistake-free, read through and make sure it corresponds to the highest writing standards in theology writing. In case you change your mind – our computer science statement of purpose help is always by your side.

When you write the theology PhD statement of purpose or the statement of purpose for masters in theology the main thing is to show the spiritual side of your personality, express how your personal beliefs make you a stronger person and make up the greatest part of your academic studies. It is important to stay enthusiastic, positive and creative because the ultimate purpose is to tell your own story, different from others, not to bore the committee with cliché phrases and refined sentences. Make it personal and everything else will go on just well if you are unsure about time or your writing abilities theology statement of purpose service is here to help you out!

Turn your theology statement of purpose into an admission ticket! Ask us how to do this today!

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