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Ultimate Guide to Accounting PhD Statement of Purpose Writing


Importance of Your Accounting PhD Statement of Purpose

Not many applicants to PhD in accounting programs or PhD programs in finance realize the true value of having a well-written statement of purpose or personal statement. Because of the qualifications and grades that you are likely to have there is going to be little that can differentiate you from the other applicants and as such your statement can often be the deciding factor in your selection or otherwise. So writing that perfect statement of purpose for accounting PhD programs is vital.
accounting phd statement of purpose example

Best accounting PhD programs list:

  • Stanford Accounting PhDStanford accounting statement of purpose is one of the documents you would need when applying into Stanford University. Activities for Ph.D. accounting students at Stanford usually include inter-disciplinary studies, empirical and analytical research. Other activities include teaching practice, research paper, seminar presentation, and studies in applied microeconomic theory, mathematics, econometrics, etc. Stanford ranks as the 4th best business school and 6th of accounting with tuition ranging $68,868 per annum.
  • UT Austin Accounting PhDThe University of Texas accounting PhD program offers innovative learning, research and financial analysis policy for doctoral students. UT Austin accounting ranks as the No. 1 University for Subject Area for the past 11 years in a row and the 17th best business school in 2018. The UT Austin accounting statement of purpose is part of the requirements for admission success.
  • NYU PhD AccountingThe NYU accounting statement of purpose added to other documents is your ticket to admission into one of US renowned citadel of higher learning. NYU operates a rich curriculum to position doctoral students as leaders in their field of practice. NYU ranks 9th best accounting and 13th best business school in the US. Fees are $69, 086 per academic session.
  • USC Accounting PhDThe University of South California accounting ranks 7th best accounting institution in the US and offers research-based studies covering managerial, auditing, financial and corporate governance accounting. And to secure an admission you need a well-tailored USC accounting statement of purpose, LoR, academic credentials and more. Tuition fees into USC are $60,951.
  • Harvard Accounting PhDHarvard is one of the premiere citadels of learning promoting qualitative learning outcomes for society and ranking the best university in the world. Harvard PhD programs revolve around financial analysis, reporting, and management accounting. Harvard accounting statement of purpose, letter of recommendation, GPA and more are some of the vital documents for admission. The quality of SoP can determine whether you get an admission into this prestigious institution or not.
  • Duke Accounting PhDAs the 11th best business school in the world, Duke accounting doctoral program offers research, seminar, and analysis of accounting processes, investigations, auditing, financial reports, taxation, etc. While the Duke accounting statement of purpose is your best chance to make a positive impression about your goals for accounting Ph.D. course.
  • MIT accounting PhDMassachusetts Institute of Technology doctoral program comes from an institution with a tradition of excellence and for advanced research, quantitative analysis, auditing, micro, and macroeconomics. The MIT accounting statement of purpose creates an excellent opportunity to secure an interview slot to the interview stage. MIT ranks 5th best business school with a tuition fee of $71,000 per annum.
  • Wharton Accounting PhDUniversity of Pennsylvania, Wharton accounting ranks 2nd best accounting and 3rd best business school to make it a force to reckon with in the business and accounting world. A doctoral program in accounting at Wharton provides an avenue for advanced research, -on-the-job training, mentoring, and a publishable dissertation. As part of the papers of admission is the Wharton accounting statement of purpose that helps focus on your goals, intentions, and value to the university community and you must make a good first impression because that’s all you’ve got.
  • University of Washington Accounting PhDUW accounting PhD program is an institution that places a high value on research, financial policy, analysis and quantitative technics, auditing and result of findings. Doctoral students undergo rigorous training, seminar presentation, advanced research, etc. Aspiring doctoral students would require an exceptional University of Washington accounting statement of purpose to secure an admission.
  • UCLA Accounting PhDUCLA ranks 9th position as the best university for finance. It offers training and advanced research studies with interdisciplinary studies across several accounting fields for the award of a doctoral degree in accounting. The UCLA accounting statement of purpose covers information about what makes the individual an important addition to the campus.

Achieving the level required however is not at all easy and many applicants will struggle with the task. The following tips will help you to fully understand what you need to do to ensure that you get your statement to make you stand out.

accounting statement of purpose for phd program

Say the Right Things in Your Accounting PhD Statement of Purpose

There are only a few things that the committee want to understand about you and you need to ensure that you cover those points while demonstrating that you fully meet their expectations. You should never use a generic style statement that you use for every application. Always research the program and write your statement of purpose for PhD to reflect what they are looking for. In addition, you must always cover the following:

  • Why you want to study Accounting at this level
  • What have you researched through to now and what have you discovered
  • Show that you have the required skills to complete research at this level
  • Indicate where you are likely to do your research
  • Show what your ambitions are once you have achieved your PhD
  • Give a specific reason for applying to their program rather than another
good phd statement of purpose accounting help

Write Your Accounting Statement of Purpose Perfectly

Not only must you ensure that you write what the reader wants to see you must also make sure that you write it in a manner that is going to get you noticed. The following simple to follow tips will help you to ensure that your writing gets and keeps their attention:

  • Open your statement with a hook: this needs to be a relevant and attention-grabbing anecdote or fact that will make them want to read on to discover more about what you have to say.
  • Write in your own words: do not plagiarize, use quotations or use clichés.
  • Use simple language that everyone can understand; do not use acronyms, slang or unusual words.
  • Be relevant: if it will not help you get a place don’t include it.
  • Do not repeat anything that you have written elsewhere or state the obvious.
  • Keep to the word count at all times.
  • Be concise in your writing: do not use more words than you need to.
  • Avoid all forms of humor: it rarely works and may be taken the wrong way.
  • Never talk about others, this is about you.
  • Make sure that your statement flows like a story from start to finish.
  • Proofread and edit what you have written until it is perfect.

We Can Help with Your PhD Statement of Purpose

accounting phd statement of purposeOur services are highly professional and very specialized and we can provide you with the help that you need to ensure that your personal statement or a cover letter PhD in accounting is done perfectly. Our staff hold PhDs in relevant fields and know precisely what the acceptance committee are looking for from your application. They can provide you with editing and writing services and all work done is tested for plagiarism and proofread to the highest of standards. Our services offer guaranteed satisfaction or your money back.

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Crafting the very best accounting PhD statement of purpose can be hard. Contact our experts today for help that you can afford and trust!