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Take Advantage of Statement of Purpose for PhD in Mathematics

writing help with statement of purpose for phd in mathematics

Importance of Your Statement of Purpose for PhD in Mathematics

There are only a limited number of places through which you can study for a PhD in mathematics so you will have to compete with many other well-qualified and eager applicants for a place. PhD programs in mathematics will require you to submit a large amount of information and the most important part is often going to be your statement of purpose. Your competition is going to have high grades and qualifications similar to your own so your statement and recommendation letter for PhD are going to be your only opportunities to differentiate yourself.

A well-written personal statement needs to make you stand out while demonstrating that you are an ideally qualified applicant and should be awarded a place.

statement of purpose for phd in mathematics example

Best PhD programs in mathematics:

  • Stanford UniversityStanford University ranks 2nd world best grad school for the subject area in mathematics. It ties at 2nd place with Harvard, MIT, and UC Berkeley as well as 3rd place as the best global university. Part of the training program involves models, theories in algebra and mathematical analysis plus research dissertation.
  • University of CambridgeCambridge university ranks 9th best grad school for mathematics subject ranking, 2nd best Global University ranking for the country (UK), regional (Europe) and 7th best world ranking respectively. The course involves advanced studies and a Ph.D. dissertation for three years.
  • Concordia UniversityConcordia University offers well-outlined programs across all disciplines as well as for Ph.D. in mathematics. The University ranks amongst the top 100 best universities in the world and the top 4 best institutions in Canada. Ph.D. in mathematics scholars at Concordia takes part in the advancement of the mathematical field through research, operations research, intelligence analysis, and corporate finance. Canada has one of the best economies in the world coupled with the use of technology studying at Concordia University becomes more interactive.
  • University of BristolDue to its unique and intense research base, Bristol University makes the top five institutions in the UK. The institution adopts cutting-edge technology in conducting studies and research and to stimulate theoretical discussions to help for a better future in the field of applied mathematics. The University of Bristol is the 73rd best global institution, 19th regional (Europe) and 8th country (UK) best global university for 2018. For subject area ranking, Bristol ranks 115th best global university.
  • Georgia Institute of TechnologyGeorgia Institute ranks 7th best grad school for global ranking by the US News with emphasis on artificial intelligence. Ph.D. in mathematics takes students through basic and advanced studies in mathematics and the application. Its program is inter-disciplinary covering algorithms, optimization, combinatorics, quantitative, computational and bio-sciences.

statement of purpose for phd in maths help

However, that is not always easy to achieve. The following tips should help you to ensure that you provide them with the very best statement of purpose:

  1. Target the program you are applying to

Rather than sending a generic application and a recommendation letter for PhD to the place that you want to be accepted onto ensure that you carefully tailor your documentation to match. Review their documentation and website to identify what is most important to them and then ensure that your application documents such as your resume and your statement of purpose reflect this perfectly.

  1. Grab their attention and keep it

If you want the panel to read your statement of purpose then you need to get their attention right from the start. This is usually done by ensuring that your opening line will hook them in through either a relevant anecdote or an interesting fact. However do not use quotations or anything overly shocking.

You must then ensure that your statement has a logical flow throughout so that they are drawn through it to your conclusion. It should read more like a story than just a list of facts about you want to maintain their attention.

  1. Tell them what they want to know about you

There are a number of things that the committee will want to know about you within your statement of purpose for your mathematics PhD online application and you must ensure that you cover them:

  • Explain why it is that you are interested in mathematics
  • Show what you have already done research in and what you have achieved
  • Explain what you hope to study within your PhD
  • Demonstrate that you have research skills required
  • Show what your future career plans are after your PhD
  • Show that you have a specific reason for applying to their program rather than another

  1. Avoid making errors in your writing

There are many issues that you need to avoid when doing your writing if you want to keep the attention of your reader. Ensure that you avoid all of the following:

  • Don’t use language that is hard to understand; avoid fancy words, slang, and acronyms
  • Don’t use any clichés, they want to hear your words
  • Don’t repeat anything that is elsewhere in your application or makes obvious statements
  • Don’t use more words than you need to; be very concise in your writing
  • Do not exceed the word count allowed
  • Do not write about anything that is not completely relevant to your application
  • Do not use any form of humor
  • Do not plagiarize, lie or exaggerate within your writing
  • Don’t talk to anyone else; this is about you
  • Don’t talk negatively about anything or anyone
  1. Edit and proofread your work

None of us are perfect writers and you will make mistakes in your writing no matter how carefully you write. PhD SoP finance or else is the one that is thoroughly proofread. Once you complete your writing takes time to carefully revise what you have written until you are very sure that it matches what the committee will want to see and that you cannot improve your writing further. Also ensure that there are no spelling, punctuation or grammatical errors in your writing prior to submission.

We Can Help with Applying to PhD Programs in Mathematics

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