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Thank you for the corrections and restructuring, I am happy with the modified SOP. many thanks for your help.

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PhD Chemical Engineering Statement of Purpose Secrets

help to write chemical engineering statement of purpose

How Hard Is It to Get onto Chemical Engineering PhD Programs?

Places on PhD programs for chemical engineering are limited and you will find yourself having to compete against some very well qualified individuals to gain a place. This will mean that your application will need to be outstanding if you are going to stand out from them. What many applicants do not realize however is that their statement of purpose engineering graduate school is often the key to be selected. Many of your competitors are going to have very similar backgrounds and grades to you so there will be little to choose between you.

sample statement of purpose for phd in chemical engineering

Best Chemical Engineering PhD Programs:

  • Caltech Chemical Engineering PhDCaltech Chemical Engineering PhD program focuses primarily on building fundamentals to strong bases, helping graduate students to carry out their research and be able to communicate the result effectively. The institution pride itself as having four faculty members with discoveries or co-discoveries that has resulted in winning the Nobel Laureates prices in 1954, 1992, 1999 and 2005. Average fees is $49,908- $63,205 annually.CCE ranks No. 3 worldwide and 10th in the US for World University ranking 2018 US News World ranking.
  • MIT Chemical Engineering PhDMIT Chemical Engineering PhD offers applicants an opportunity to study in an institution that is heavy on the inter-disciplinary research program, bringing innovation into the sciences. Massachusetts Institute of Technology ranks No.1 in the world for technology and engineering according to the US News World Ranking 2018 and 2019. MIT has been at the 1st position for the past seven years straight.The average fee is $64,612 – $75,415 annually to include books, lodging, tuition and more.
  • Columbia Chemical Engineering PhDColumbia Chemical Engineering PhD introduces applicants into an institution a culture of building innovators and leaders in the chemical engineering field. CCE promotes advanced research using a multi-disciplinary approach in chemical research following materials and processes to achieve today’s technological advancement. It ranks 18th and 16th position for 2018 and 2019 world ranking respectively and 5th position for US ranking 2018An average fee is $57, 208 to $70,826 in total per annum.
  • University of Washington Chemical Engineering PhDUniversity of Washington Chemical Engineering PhD ranks No. 14 for QS World University ranking while it ranks 7th position for subject area ranking including chemical engineering courses worldwide and 3rd for US ranking. UWC offers an opportunity for mentorship with research advisors and working with a post-doctoral scientist.Average fee is $35,538 – $47,655.
  • Georgia Tech Chemical Engineering PhDGeorgia Tech Chemical Engineering PhD program is a school for engineering and bio-molecular studies incorporating laboratory studies and research with a multi-disciplinary approach. It is a multi-specialty course where students conduct research and publish findings to help advance the field of engineering. Georgia ranks 7th position as world best university for chemical engineering program and 34th for US institutions according to the US News and World Report for 2018.Average fee is $33,014 to $47,130.
  • Northeastern University Chemical Engineering PhDNortheastern University Chemical Engineering PhD provides cutting-edge technological research covering multiple disciplines covering energy, security, biomedicine, and sustainability. Such training helps to build a fundamental process for biochemical engineering. NUC ranks 40th position for US Universities and 37th best engineering school. The average fee is $49, 497 to $65, 697 per annum.
  • NYU Chemical Engineering PhDNYU chemical engineering PhD strives to create a system for the promotion of industrial development through innovation, advanced research leading to development. NYU chemical engineering program promotes interdisciplinary training for both problems solving skills, medical sciences and molecular. NYU holds the 41st position for best engineering university ranking 2019 and 30th position for US universities according to US NewsAn average fee is $50, 464 to $68,128 annually.
  • Stanford Chemical Engineering PhDStanford Chemical Engineering PhD has a ranking of No. 2 for both world university ranking and for subject ranking according to the QS World University ranking for 2018. Stanford chemical engineering adopts innovative concepts, research and multi-disciplinary framework for training and equipping PhD students for practice and industry relevance. Stanford ranks 5th position for US institutions according to US News world ranking. An average fee is $49,617 to $64,729 annually.

This is where your PhD application statement of purpose writing comes in: if well written it can ensure that decisions will be made in your favor. However getting that statement of purpose for PhD chemical engineering applications written perfectly is not going to be easy. The following sections will help you to ensure that your statement is the best that it can be.
chemical engineering statement of purpose for phd application

Cover What They Need to Read in Your Statement of Purpose

If you want to get noticed and seen as an ideal applicant then your chemical engineering statement of purpose will need to reflect exactly what the reader is looking for. While this does not mean writing what you think they want to hear it does mean doing your research to find out exactly what they value in an applicant and tailoring your statement accordingly to reflect this. A generic type statement and resume can fail to target the program well enough and show how well you match their requirements.

In addition to ensuring that it is carefully tailored, you must also ensure that your statement if purpose also covers the following areas:

  • Explain why it is that you are interested in chemical engineering
  • Show what research you have already completed and what you have discovered
  • Indicate what areas you may wish to investigate within your PhD and why
  • Show that you have the skills needed to do the research
  • Explain where you expect your career to take you
  • Show a good reason for attending their program and not another

top chemical engineering phd programs

Write Your SoP Perfectly

chemical engineering phd programsGetting noticed is not just about writing what they want to hear. You have to be able to engage your readers with a well written and error free personal statement that will get their attention right from the start. The following writing advice will help you to create a well-written statement that is going to be read from start to finish. These are general suggestions, they work for personal statement for PhD in chemical engineering as good as for PhD in accounting programs:

  • Open with a hook that will get the reader’s attention right from the opening line: do not employ shock tactics however or use quotations.
  • Only write about what is relevant to gaining you a place.
  • Do not repeat any information that you have provided elsewhere.
  • Never make obvious statements in your writing.
  • Make every word count: write concisely without filler.
  • Do not use acronyms, the slang for overly long unusual words: use everyday language that all will understand.
  • Be truthful: never lie or bend the truth to appear a better candidate
  • Never plagiarize and always talk about yourself.
  • Don’t use quotations or clichés in your writing.

Once your writing is completed, ensure that you carefully proofread what you have created to ensure that there are no errors in your writing. Errors can tell the reader that maybe you are not quite as eager to join their program as you say you are.

Guaranteed Help with Your PhD Chemical Engineering Application

From providing you with a sample statement of purpose for PhD in chemical engineering to helping you with writing and editing services we can ensure that your SoP or a PhD letter of intent will get you noticed. We offer our services to staff that is all native English speakers and hold PhD degrees within the areas in which they provide support. They work with you directly to ensure the best results and we fully test everything to ensure that all writing is unique and that there are no errors.

Feel free to contact our experts for help with your statement of purpose for chemical engineering PhD programs!