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How to Make Your Statistics PhD SoP Look Perfect

Your Statement of Purpose for PhD in Statistics Programs Is Vital

Applying for a place on statistics PhD programs will involve a huge amount of paperwork and you will be competing against many other well-qualified applicants all chasing a very limited number of places. Your application, therefore, will need to make you stand out as well as clearly showing how well suited you are to the program that you are applying to. With the high standard of applicants, it will often be only your statement of purpose that offers you a way to stand out from the other applicants so it is vital that it is written perfectly. Writing a perfect PhD statement of purpose, however, is far from easy and many applicants will struggle with it, for mastering it you might need to learn the proper academic writing style that is also used for general essay writing.
sample of statement of purpose for phd in statistics

Top statistics PhD programs:

  • Stanford Statistics PhDStanford PhD in Statistics ranks 1st position in statistics according to US News Best Grad School. Stanford also ranks 2nd best university worldwide gaining admission into Grad school one has to pay $44 ASSU fees per quarter, document fee of $250. Students, however, take a series of course and finally write the thesis paper to be awarded a Ph.D. in statistics on completion of 135-course units.$48,987 for fees and $15,115 for lodging per annum. Stanford indicates that it offers up to 70% of the students’ scholarship for athletes and need-based scholarship.
  • Berkeley PhD in StatisticsUC Berkeley Statistics PhD ranks 4th position worldwide for 2018. University of California, Berkeley ranks 12th position in bio-statistics. UC Berkeley ranks 4th place in the world ranking of universities. The Ph.D. program at Berkeley offers students broad inter-disciplinary studies in applied, theoretical and probability statistics.UC Berkeley provides financial fellowship support of up to $5,000 for two semesters to only winning or awarded students. Fees revolve around $18,646 for residents and $24,769 for non-residents as schools fees for the postgraduate program.
  • Penn State PhD in Statistics. For UPenn Statistics PhD, the University of Pennsylvania ranks 12th position same as UC Berkeley at the department of statistics and based on US News Grad School. Worldwide, UPenn ranks 22nd place for worldwide academic institutions. Students applying to Penn State should have knowledge of vector calculus, matrix, and linear algebra.  The Penn States offers between $1,500 to $3,000 scholarship or financial aid to first-year students.
  • Harvard Statistics PhDSoP for PhD in Statistics Harvard is part of the admission requirements for an institution that ranks 6th place for statistics according to the US News Best Grad School. While Harvard takes 2nd place as world best university. Harvard offers up to $2,500 need-based financial aid. Its fees come to a total of $65,609 per annum to include scholarship and more.
  • UCLA PhD in StatisticsPhD in Statistics UCLA ranks 16th position for world ranking for 2018. The field of statistics at UCLA develops Ph.D. students in the areas of further studies in quantitative analytics and applied statistics.UCLA offers financial aid to first-year students, an award of up to $25,000. Students can receive financial aid of up to $18,808. There is an average fee of $34,056 for California residents and $60,736 for non-residents as school fees.
  • PhD in Statistics Johns Hopkins. Johns Hopkins Statistics PhD programs offer research and studies in the matrix, calculus and linear algebra amongst other inter-disciplinary courses before the thesis to qualify for Ph.D. in statistics. John Hopkins University ranks 3rd place for statistics and 21st position in the US according to US News Grad School. JHU gives financial aids to students on the need basis and based on their family financial status. Based on some factors students can receive up to $14,000 in a grant. School fees are valued at $53,740.

Your statement must be written in perfect academic English and must be carefully targeted to the PhD statistics programs that you are applying to. The following simple tips will help you to ensure that your statement will get you noticed.


phd application statement of purpose for statistics

What Needs to Be Covered in Your Statement of Purpose for Stats?

When you apply to a PhD program in statistics you will need to ensure that your statement of purpose is carefully tailored to the program that you are applying to. Like your academic CV for PhD application you will always make the best impact if your statement is carefully written and targeted against what the program is specifically looking for from applicants. So never just use a generic style statement that you send to all of the programs that you are applying to; always write specifically to the one that you want to get accepted onto for the best results.

Not only must you ensure that you tailor your statement of purpose to their specific expectations you must also ensure that you cover the various areas that they will want to know about:

  • Why are you interested in statistics? Why do you want to gain a doctorate in this field?
  • What research have you already done and what did you discover?
  • Have you got the required skills to complete research at PhD level?
  • Where do you see your career taking you after you complete your PhD?
  • What specific areas may you want to research?
  • Are there any specific reasons for choosing this program over others?

Writing Perfectly for Your Statistics PhD Programs Application

Even if you cover everything that they want to know about you and demonstrate that you perfectly match their requirements; if your writing is not up to scratch you will still be overlooked. How you actually write is going to have a major impact on your chances of acceptance so you have to ensure that you write without any of the usual mistakes that applicants make:

  • Open with a hook so that you get their attention right from the start
  • Don’t use quotations as they are looking to hear what you have to say
  • Avoid any form of clichés within your writing
  • Use language that is positive and never talk about anything negatively
  • Don’t use slang or acronyms in your writing
  • Don’t try to be clever by using unusual words from your thesaurus
  • Avoid all forms of humor
  • Write about yourself and your future plans; not about others
  • Avoid all forms of filler in your writing; write concisely so that every word counts
  • Never write about anything other than what is relevant to your application
  • Ensure that your statement flows just as a story would logically to your conclusion

phd in statistics statement of purpose help

We Can Help Write Your Statistics PhD SoP

Writing a statement of purpose is time-consuming and a task that many find very difficult indeed. Therefore it is often best to get professional help with crafting a statement that is going to boost your chances of a successful application. It doesn’t matter if you’re applying for statistics or pharmacy PhD programs, we guarantee the best result. Our specialized services offer:

  • Writers and editors that hold relevant PhDs
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The greatest chances of acceptance on your targeted PhD in statistics program will come with our professional help for your statement of purpose!