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How to Make an Effective PhD Pharmacy Statement of Purpose

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How Difficult Is Your Statement of Purpose for a PhD in Pharmacy Application?

phd in pharmacy application helpMany applicants for PhD places, from PhD economics online to chemical engineering, fail to put as much emphasis on their statement of purpose as they should. This is almost certainly going to be one of the most important parts of your application and you must ensure that it is attention grabbing and capable of showing clearly that you are a great choice for their program.

The reason for this is that at this level of your education there is unlikely to be too much grade and qualification wise to choose between you and the other applicants so often your statement is the only way to stand out. But writing a statement of purpose for pharmacy PhD programs is not easy at all. It has to be written in perfect English and must be capable of fully engaging the reader.

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Many applicants will struggle with their writing but our simple writing tips will help you with your statement of purpose so that you can ensure that it is written in the best possible fashion to get you noticed.

Where to study PhD in Pharmacy:

Cover What Needs to Be Covered in Your Pharmacy PhD SoP

Applying for a PhD pharmacy place is not something that should be done with a generic one size fits all resume and statement of purpose. If you really want that place then you need to ensure that you carefully check everything about the program so that you are clear about exactly what they are looking for before you start to write. The better tailored your statement is for the position the more chance you have of being selected for a particular program: physics statement of purpose for physics, mathematics – for maths etc.

It is highly recommended to cover the following areas:

  • Why are you interested in Pharmacy and why do you want to study it at this level?
  • What research have you already undertaken and what did you discover?
  • Show that you have the required skills that they look for with research at this level.
  • Tell them where you expect your career to take you.
  • Indicate what areas you may want to research for your doctorate.
  • Give a specific reason as to why this program is the one you want to follow.

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PhD in Pharmacy Abroad with Scholarship

A lot of institutions in Europe and America offer scholarship opportunities or financial aids to both resident and international students. Institutions such as Stanford offer a scholarship to close to 70% of its student population on the need basis, athlete scholarship and based on household income. UC Berkeley offers financial aid of up to $5,000 per semester. Penn State University offers between $1,500 to $3,000 financial aid to only entry-level students. Harvard offers up to $2,500 financial aid. UCLA offers up to $25,000 financial aid. John Hopkins University offers as much as $14,000 financial grant.

The US government operates the Fulbright Foreign Student Program. The scholarship scheme helps international students in the US to cover tuition, health insurance stipends, and airfare. While the British Chevening Scholarships offer UK applicants access to educational funding in the UK for tuition and more.

PhD in pharmacy USA

Running a Phd program provides students with an opportunity to study in some of the best institutions in the world. Most of the best 50 pharmacy institutions are in the United States of America so learning in such an institution would grant students ample opportunities.

Pharmacy PhD in Canada

At least 4 universities in Canada make it to the list of 100 world best universities according to QS World Ranking for 2018. Canada has one of the best economies in the world with a very high living standard, plus it’s a technologically advanced country with financial aid to students.

PhD in pharmacy in Australia

6 top universities in Australia fall within the top 100 world best universities in 2018. Besides that Australia is the 6th largest country worldwide with advanced technological facilities to aid in studying a Ph.D. in Pharmacy. It also offers good work opportunities for pharmacists upon completion of studies hence is has experienced a rapid increase in the number of international students studying in Australia.

Pharmacy PhD programs UK

The United Kingdom can boast of at least 4 universities making it to the top 10 world best universities and 24 to the top 200 world best universities for the year 2018. The United Kingdom is one of the world’s greatest and stable economies. And besides hosting some of the world best or top-ranking institutions it has always been a hub for international student for over a century now.

PhD in pharmacy India

India offers an opportunity for growth and development to pharmacy students as it houses about 65 aspiring universities that deploy technology in teaching and research for academic purposes. India is an emerging economy and falls within the five QS BRIC University Ranking for 2018 to include Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa. At least 3 universities in India falls within the top 200 best in the world by subject area.

PhD in pharmacy in Malaysia

Malaysia is steadily gaining a reputation for being one of the strongest locations of interest for regional and international students plus it has a goal to reach 250,000 international students by the year 2025. Malaysia has at least 4 top 50 best universities best in Asia ranking and up to 5 best top 200 universities for world ranking 2018.

PhD pharmacy Germany

Germany gradually has become an interesting study location for international students due to the advancement in technology and its stable economy. It has at least four top 100 and 12 top 200 world best-ranking universities to boast of, a friendly wealthy plus a rich culture that aid your pursuit of a Ph.D. in pharmacy.

PhD in pharmacy in Singapore

Singapore features about two universities in the top 20 and 200 world best universities respectively for some subject areas. It has at least four universities as the top 10 best universities in Asia for particular subject areas.

Write Your Statement of Purpose for Pharmacy PhD Programs Perfectly

Once you know what you need to write you will also need to understand how you will write your statement. The committee will read many statements so it is important that you write yours well and that you avoid the many pitfalls that many applicants fall into:

  • Do not use clichés within your writing
  • Do not state the obvious you are wasting your word count
  • Do not repeat information that you have already put in other documents
  • Never talk negatively
  • Never add filler: write concisely and make every word count
  • Never write anything that is not completely relevant to your application
  • Never use acronyms or slang
  • Do not try to be clever using unusual words from your thesaurus

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