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Difference Between PhD and Masters Degrees

Difference between PhD and Masters: Studies & Salaries

PhD and Masters Degree are usually taken up by professionals who want to further their studies in their respective fields. There is no definite age for applicants, as long as they have earned their Bachelors Degree prior to enrollment. The difference between PhD and masters is simple: one cannot take up PhD without taking up Masters first. Masters degree is also shorter than PhD.

Difference between PhD and Masters

Some applicants inquire about what is the difference between Masters and PhD SoP. The difference mainly relies on what level of education you are applying for. SoPs are tailored according to the program you aim to get into. In terms of PhD vs masters salary, PhD graduates usually offered with the higher salary than Masters. However, some companies base it to years and level of experience. Most of the time, there is a slight difference between PhD vs masters career earnings.

The journey to PhD admission is quite competitive compared to MS as it requires more documents for completion. A PhD statement of purpose is usually submitted by applicants who want to get into the program. For example, if you are enrolling for a doctorate in computer science, you need to submit a statement of purpose for PhD in computer science along with other requirements.

The following includes the list of requirements for MS and PhD integrated program in USA.  University’s determination of the candidate is based on how evaluators perceive the applicants on the following requirements:

  • Application form and fees
  • Official Transcripts (Academic Records)
  • Letters of Recommendation
  • Statement of Purpose
  • Personal Statement
  • Resume
  • References

For the doctoral degree, you need to submit the same sets of requirements, only with additional documents for Official Transcripts that include your Masters. To keep up with the market and professional competitiveness, you can also apply for integrated PhD + MS programs. These are combined courses in one program, which means a student should complete two years in PhD degree while taking up Masters.

As an old saying goes, ‘Education is the only thing that cannot be stolen’. It is also a long-term investment that will make you a valuable asset at work and as a person. Education will also lead you to potential income and personal growth. An educated man will continue to reach for his dream with limitless possibilities.

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