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Thank you for the corrections and restructuring, I am happy with the modified SOP. many thanks for your help.

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7 Ideas for Statement of Purpose Economics PhD Writing


Importance of Your Statement of Purpose for Your Economics PhD Application

statement of purpose economics phdStudying for a doctorate in economics is a real achievement but you will have to fight off many other applicants for the place that you are looking for. Your competition, however, is going to be very strong and likely to have qualifications and backgrounds that are very similar to your own. There will, therefore, be little to choose between you and this is why your statement of purpose is so important, read more about PhD admission requirements in USA. A well-written statement of purpose for economics PhD programs will likely be the deciding factor in whether you will get accepted or not.

Great qualifications and experience is not a guarantee to getting into the best economics program. The surest way to get in is to ensure that your statement of purpose economics PhD is exceptional. To get into these top PhD economics programs, you need to impress the committee with an economics statement of purpose that is a sequel to none.
economics phd statement of purpose sample
List of top PhD economics programs:

  • Stanford University. This program entails student specialization in field courses, filed specific lunches and seminars all geared towards producing an outstanding student.
  • Stockholm School of Economics. This program has the advantage of access to generous research funding, close and informal connections to faculty, publication of frequent research of Ph.D. theses in leading journals as well as high-quality courses and seminars.
  • London School of Economics and Political Science. Here you are guaranteed a chance to make contributions to the field of economics with your research through the publication of your work.
  • University of California, Berkeley. This program gives an opportunity to students who are interested in advanced study in economics and making contributions through authentic research in areas of specializations in the field of economics.
  • London Business SchoolThis program operates a high faculty-student ratio making it possible for students to be able to work closely with their supervisors and have access to international conferences necessary for the next level.

Phd Economics Statement of Purpose Writing Tips

This is your chance to impress the committee and make yourself stand out. But to do that you will need to ensure that your SoP is written to a very high standard. The following sections will show you how to write the best PhD application personal statement:

  1. Target the program you are applying to

Do not just use the same economics PhD statement of purpose and resume to each of the programs that you apply to. If you want to get noticed do your research and ensure that you know exactly what the program is looking for and what it offers so that you can write your application accordingly. The better tailored your statement the more chance you have of being accepted for a place

  1. Cover the information that they want to know

There are only a few areas that they will want you to cover in your statement of purpose and you need to ensure that these are fully covered:

  • Why do you want to study economics? Why are you interested in this field?
  • What research have you already done and what did you discover?
  • Show that you have the required skills to conduct research.
  • Show where you hope your studies will take you career wise.
  • Indicate the area that you would like to research for your PhD.
  • Give specific reasons for your application to this specific program

good economics phd statement of purpose writing help

  1. Get the reader’s attention in your statement of purpose economics PhD

How you open your statement is vital if you want to have an attention-grabbing and effective statement. Your opening line needs to be a “hook”; like a newspaper article, it has to make the reader want to discover more. Do not use quotations and do not start with a horror story opening as that will be seen as manipulation. Use a little known or startling fact, or best of all a relevant interesting personal anecdote.

  1. Provide flow

Your statement should never read like a disjointed list of facts about you. If you want to maintain the interest of the reader it needs to read more like a story. So, ensure that you have a logical flow through your statement and carefully review your transitions.

  1. Be concise in your writing

Every word must count and you should never exceed the limited word count that you have been provided for your economics PhD personal statement. To do this you should also:

  • Avoid the use of clichés and quotations; they want to hear your words not those of another.
  • Never repeat information that is included elsewhere in your application.
  • Do not make statements that are already obvious.
  • Avoid all forms of wordiness.

  1. Use language that everyone can understand

While this may be a personal statement for a PhD program you still need to ensure that anyone reading your statement will understand it fully. So, avoid all of the following:

  • Acronyms
  • Slang
  • Profanity
  • Complicated words
  1. Revise your statement very carefully

It is rare that your first draft will be exactly what you want to say. Be prepared to revise and edit your statement of purpose several times to ensure that it is perfectly tailored for your application. Proofread the results to ensure that there are no errors as even a single writing error could be seen as a lack of care and thus a lack of interest by the reader.

economics phd statement of purpose assistance

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