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10 Steps to Statement of Purpose for Computer Science PhD Programs of Your Dreams

Why Do Computer Science PhD Programs Need the Best Statements of Purpose?

computer science phd programsWhen you apply to PhD programs in computer science you will need to provide them a statement of purpose or personal statement PhD as part of that application. This will often be the most important part of your application as it is the only chance that you have to make yourself stand out from the many other applicants that are after your place. If it is written well enough it will almost certainly be the deciding factor in you gaining the place that you want.To be effective however your SoP must be written in a way that is attention grabbing as well as capable of telling the reader exactly what they want to hear about you.

This is a time consuming and very difficult task. Our various tips below will help you to ensure that your writing is done in the best possible manner:

  1. Tailor Your Statement to the PhD Programs in Computer Science You Are Applying To

An application that is generic is never going to get the same attention and have the same effect as one that has been carefully tailored to what the program is looking for. The easier it is for the reader to find exactly what they are looking for and to find everything that they want the more likely it is that you will succeed. So ensure that you identify all requirements and reflect them within your personal statement and resume.

  1. Open Your Statement of Purpose with a Hook

You want the reader’s attention right from your opening line. Use an anecdote or a fact that will make the reader want to discover more of what you have to say. Do not however use quotations or try to use an idea that may be seen as manipulative.

  1. Make Your Statement Flow

Your statement of purpose for computer science must flow more like a story if you want it to be read. It should not just read like a list of statements about you that are not stitched together in some manner.

  1. Give Them the Information That They Want

A statement of purpose while being open with regards to how and what you write should always cover a few areas that the reader will want to understand about you:

  • Why are you studying computer science?
  • What research did you already do and what was found?
  • Do you have the researching skills that they are looking for?
  • What area are you looking to research?
  • Where will your career take you?
  • Do you have specific reasons for applying to this program?
  1. Write in Your Own Words at All Times

The committee want to find out what sort of person you are and they can only do that through what you write. Therefore you have to ensure that your writing is unique to you, so do not:

  • Plagiarize other peoples work
  • Do not include quotations
  • Do not use any form of cliché
  1. Use Language That Anyone Can Understand

While this may be an application for a place to study for your doctorate you do not need to write something that would be more at home in a court of law. Your writing should be simple and easy to follow by anyone. Never try to be clever with your language use or by selecting unusual words from your thesaurus. Also avoid any use of slang or acronyms.

  1. Remain Relevant

Your word count is very limited and the last thing that you want to do is waste it writing about something that the committee does not want to know about. Unless something is going to directly help you to achieve your place you should not be including it within your statement. Also avoid saying anything that they already know as it is obvious.

  1. Get to the Point

All writing needs to be to the point and concise. Do not feel the need to waffle on if you can say what needs to be said in just a few words. You need to cover a huge amount of information in a few words so ensure that you write in a very concise manner.

  1. Be Honest

While it may be tempting to bend the truth a little to make yourself sound a better prospect it is always best to approach your writing honestly. Never lie or use exaggeration as it will only come back to bite you at a later stage.

  1. Eliminate Errors

First impressions count and if the reader spots a spelling mistake or any other issue with your writing they may well think that you have not taken care over your application. Your statement of purpose for computer science must be perfect for the best chances of success.

computer science phd statement of purpose example

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